Who Is Rebecca McBrain? Rebecca McBrain Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Relationship, Body Measurements

Who Is Rebecca McBrain Or Rebecca Soteros?

Rebecca McBrain (aka Rebecca Soteros) is a Hawaiian schoolteacher. Rebecca was in a relationship with the most popular and highest-paid late Hollywood actor Paul Walker.

Walker rejected Rebecca’s marriage proposal when she was only 25 years old because she said she was not of marriageable age. They had a daughter named Meadow Rain Walker on November 4, 1998. 

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They planned to separate shortly after the birth of their daughter. Later, she moved to his native Hawaii and lived with his mother.

She stands between 5 and 6 inches and weighs 57 kg. Furthermore, she is naturally a brunette and shows off with hazel eyes.

As a schoolteacher, Rebecca Soteros was born in 1974 in the United States of America and is best remembered for her association with the late actor Paul Walker, who became famous through his role in The Fast and the Furious. After the birth of their daughter, The couple decides to separate.

They became friends when they were both very young adults. She graduated from college and started working as a schoolteacher. 

The two met on the street, and he became close to her, getting to know all the women he dated. When she became pregnant, she was asked to marry, but she refused because she felt she was too young to make such a commitment.

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She was able to receive a lot of support from Walker with a child but eventually became an alcoholic. After they had their daughter, she moved to Hawaii to work as a school teacher.

McBrain’s surname now indicates she is remarried, and rumour has it that they shared a love for marine biology, which is one reason why they connected early.

A typical American teacher earns about $60,000 per year. McBrain’s late partner, Paul Walker had an estimated $25 million in 2013.

Most notably, he left his daughter property worth $25 million Meadow Rain Walker. The value of this market is $ 1,375,000 which is Walker’s house in Santa Barbara, California. His salary in 2010 was $ 10 million.

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