Magic Johnson Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is Magic Johnson In 2023?

Magic Johnson Net Worth 2023: $650 Million

Magic Johnson is a well-known retired American professional basketball player, as well as the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers National Basketball Association and, according to estimates, his total net worth in 2023 is $650 million.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. was born on August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan; his mother was a custodian at a school while his father worked as an assemblyman at General Motors.

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He was interested in basketball from a young age since Bill Russell was his inspiration, known as one of the most famous basketball players in the United States.

Johnson was very fond of basketball, he joined Sexton High School to put his talent into practice, this school was very advanced in the name of basketball.

Due to his efforts, his varsity team made it to the NCCA final, where he helped his team win the final and was named a standout player in games, while during his career, he is known as the best point guard of all. time. The Los Angeles Lakers chose Johnson in 1979 as a draft and retired in 1996 from all international basketball games.

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It was a sad moment for the NBA because he is one of the best players they had and, according to sources, Johnson made more money from trading companies than from games.

During the history of his basketball career, he earned around $ 18 million while earning millions of dollars from sponsorship deals, after retiring he started the business Magic Johnson Enterprises, which is currently worth nearly $620 million.

Along with other investors, he bought Frank McCourt’s basketball team, while he also bought teams like the WNBA team, and Los Angeles Sparks, and has received many awards throughout his career.

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