Who Is Jodean Bottom? Jodean Bottom Biography, Age, Wiki, Family, Net Worth

Who Is Jodean Bottom?

As the sister of her famous Phoenix siblings, including the world-famous Joaquin Phoenix, Jodean Bottom is not a household name but she won her first Oscar award for outstanding performance in the psychiatric thriller Joker. Gwen Stefani Age

Jodean Bottom Sisters and their age difference. Joaquin (10 years younger than me), Liberty (12 years younger than me), Summer (14 years younger than me), and Rain (8 years younger than me) are Judean Bottom’s siblings.

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All three of Jodean’s brothers are actors, including the late River Phoenix, who died at the age of 23 of a drug overdose. Although she is the sister of the well-known brothers, Bottom never appeared in public or in the public domain. However, here are some lesser-known facts about Jodean and his personal life.

Jodean Bottom was born as the eldest child of John Lee Bottom in 1964. Her father is originally from California and is of English, German, and French ancestry. Later, the family took their surname Phoenix to symbolize a new beginning. Phoenix is a mythical bird that emerges from its ashes.

Since Judean’s self-esteem is low, there is no information about her husband and children in the media. Currently, Judean is 56 years old, and he probably lives a happy life with her family.

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Joaquin Phoenix is the son of John Lee Bottom and an ex-girlfriend. John later married Arlyn Dunetz and had four children: River (1970-1993), Imvula (1972), Joaquin (1974), Liberty (1976) and Summer (1978).

Despite interacting with her siblings, Jodean Bottom probably made a polite approach. However, she did not reveal much about her technical work. Speaking of her younger brother, Joaquin has a $50 million net worth in 2021.

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