Daijah Wright Net Worth, Biography, Height, Weight, Relationship

Daijah Wright

Daijah Wright is mostly known as the daughter of the most famous American rapper Eric Lynn Wright aka Eazy-E. Daijah is a female rapper and also a well-known personality in the music industry. Gwen Stefani Age 

Daijah Wright was born in the United States Of America, in November 1995. Her mother, Tomica Wright, adopted her six months after the death of his father, Eric Wright. Before that, her parents had a son named Dominick Wright. 

Daijah is one of the most famous kids of the stars and has some great fans to follow. She did not disclose his financial status to the media. To be a well-known name in the music industry and he must have earned a good amount of money through his work in the entertainment industry. When his late father Eazy-E had an estimated $ 50 million at the time of his death.

Daijah is blessed with medium height and stands 5 inches 4 inches (1.64 meters) tall. She also maintained a good body but did not disclose his body weight so far. Plus, she has beautiful black eyes with black hair color.

Daijah’s mother Tomica first met her father Eric Lynn Wright in 1991. They met in Los Angeles at a nightclub party. Their vibrations are very similar and they become very close friends.

Daijah Wright was growing up inside her mother’s womb, Tomica when her parents learned of her father’s terminal illness. Tyga Height 2021

Daijah, Erin Bria Wright’s younger sister lives a happy life with her family in Compton. She always uploads his photos and videos on social media. She is also featured on Eazy-E songs. Besides, he earns a good salary for his career as a musician. We can also imagine he inherited a portion of Eazy-E’s $ 8 million.

Daijah was also featured in the Season 3 premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta where rapper Da Brat met with hip hop legend Debra Antney to build the Artist Boot Camp. It is designed to help nurture and promote young music talent in Atlanta. So, they examined this bright new star portrayed by the daughter of the deceased N.W.A. rapper Eazy-E.

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