Cody Simpson Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is Cody Robert Simpson?

Cody Simpson Net Worth 2023:$5 Million 

Cody Robert Simpson is a famous young Australian singer-songwriter, actor, and the best model. He worked with the best agencies like ICM Partners. He worked in the best role of Dmitry in the Broadway musical Anastasia between 2018-2019. Cody won the best award in the musical season “The Masked Singer” in Australia).

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Cody Robert was born on 11 January 1997 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Cody attended the “All Saints Anglican School,” he was a highly talented swimmer and athlete.

Cody gets their swimming training at the “Miami Swimming Club.” He practices daily. He participates in swimming championships. He won two gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships.

Cody’s voice is fantastic. He started his recording career on YouTube. He records various songs. He was performing like the best music actor and became famous. Everybody like his songs, and get shared.

Cody Robert Simpson Net Worth

He started his TV acting role in 2014, working with Sitcom Instant mom. He was paid $32k for performing the best role. In 2015, Cody took part in the American television sitcom Cougar Town. He signed a contract in playing a role in Nickelodeon’s film One Crazy Cruise.

He gets a high amount of money. Cody performed the best supporting role in Bret Easton Ellis’ thriller film and gained excellent money from there.

Cody was an ambassador of the “Build-A-Bear” Workshop. He worked with the workshop and performed the best duties. Later on, he became a brand ambassador for Teen Cancer America. In June 2017, Cody became the best United Nations Development Programme advocate for oceans.

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He runs Bonds brand ambassador for Home Grown campaigns. Currently, he is a member of the University of Southern California (USC)’s Trojan Swim Elite team.

Cody Robert Simpson  Lifestyle

Tatoo Boy:

Cody Simpson’s body is very slim and beautiful. Although being an actor, he likes tattoos on their body. He covered his body with sexy tattoos.


Cody Simpson has a luxury candy red Alfa Romeo car. He is considered one of the best youngsters, which has a personal luxury car.


Cody Simpson has a beautiful house in Loss Angeles, which worth is $4.5 Million. Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus lived in this house together. They were seen together in this such a lovely home.

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