Bono Net Worth 2020: How Much Rich Bono In 2020?

Bono Net Worth 2020: $700 Million

Bono is an Irish singer, musician, songwriter, businessman, songwriter, guitarist, actor, activist, lyricist, film producer and media personality, while according to different estimates his total net worth in 2020 is $700 million.

Irish singer Paul David Hewson, professionally known as Bono, was born in Dublin, Ireland, on May 10, 1960, the son of Iris and Brendan Robert “Bob” Hewson; He faced many problems in his early age since his father had died.

He admitted to the multi-dimensional school “Mount Temple Comprehensive School”, while later with childhood friends, he performed with a surreal street gang called “Lypton Village” and is now considered the most successful musician in the world.

At the age of sixteen, he formed his own U2 band in response to his school band, the initial name if the band was Feedback, but later in 1977, it became U2.

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In 1980 he signed with Island Records, which was the main reason for his initial popularity and made his band’s name one of the most popular bands in the world.

After succeeding in the music industry, he has invested a large amount on Facebook as Elevation Partners while saying that Bono would become a billionaire.

After this investment in social networks and a pre-IPO investment of $ 210 million made by Elevation partners, and today this investment is approximately equal to $ 1.5 billion and from this participation, it is earning $ 40 and $ 50 million from Facebook.

Paul David has appeared in numerous films while due to his exceptional work in the music industry as well as in the film industry, he has received numerous awards along with various nominations and his total net worth is now $ 700 million.

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