Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World 2021

We see many beautiful birds daily which some are beautiful but some are not impressed by their beauty. Nothing means that these are only birds that are beautiful. 

So which bird is most beautiful??? Nobody can answer this question quickly or answer according to their own mind, but most of the species in the world are most beautiful like Macaw of different kinds which is most loved or liked by the people because some birds definitely have striking features which could outrank others so nature has gifted us with many beautiful things because after seeing these beautiful things we can thank the blessings of God because has created such wonders for us therefore in these birds are one because they amuse us with different ways.

So Here Are The List Of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World 2021

10: Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw is the most impressive looking, beautiful as well big specie from Parrot inheritance because the length of this gorgeous bird is 100 cm therefore known as the largest specie so this bird is found mostly in semi-open areas like Savannah Grasslands of Northern Brazil. But it is shocking to hear about this because its population decreases for the last few years so only 5000 Hyacinth Macaw exists in this world, Hunting and Habitat loss are threats due to which this important natural beauty is decreasing. Besides its bigger size, this bird has also the most beautiful combination of colours with whole blue but bright blue rings around the eyes of this beauty so Hyacinth Macaw can be a beautiful pet after proper training so they also have a long tail with a strong curved black bill so the weight of this bird is all about 3.5 kg.

9: Wood Duck

Wood Duck is probably known as beauty with most colourful of all waterfowls in the world, male kind of this bird has a purplish-green head, metallic crest, red dark chest and white belly, around the next they have most attractive, beautiful narrow strips of white colour, wings are black as well a blue patterned. It is mostly found in Northern America so the most famous bird seen in waterfowls of this region, medium in size with the size of 47 to 54 cm but with wings from 66 to 73 cm but female ducks are not as colourful as male because they are mostly grey brown-headed with a white belly so male ducks of this kind attract female birds by using colourful plumage during breeding season so with their most beautiful combination of colours known as the most notable bird of North America so their nests are in unlike of other ducks in holes of trees.

8: Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing is also beautiful, medium in size, songbird divergent crested Head with black masks, their colour is brownish overall but wings have a great combination of white and yellow edging, feathers have little bit red appearance also therefore considered as most beautiful passerine birds. They are mostly found in the forests of North America, on bases of shape, there is no difference between males as well as females, they made their nests on those trees which have near the source of water and they mainly feed on berries. So their size is in between 19 to 23 cm with an average weight of 55 grams only, they can be tame in winter, enter gardens, town for the search of their favourite food which is berries.

7: Blue Jay

Blue Jays considered as one of the most intelligent as well as beautiful birds of the Universe, they are mostly found in forests of Eastern and Northern America, this stunning bird has a healthy beautiful combination of white, blue, black colours, so the most beautiful feature of this bird which can distinguish it from others is that it calls like Jay Jay, therefore, know as JayBird. Besides of beauty of this bird, they are also known as the most intelligent too, so they are able to steal eggs as well as nestlings of some other birds so they can also mimic their voice as Hawks to deceive other birds, so it is been said that they have also capacity to mimic the voice of humans, in winter they migrate towards the south in the forms of large flocks but not at all, blue jays migrate in winter but some remains in their original places.

6: Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin is a beautiful, cute bird that looks like a small duck, so this is a well-adapted sea bird which is mostly found in Eastern Canada and the Northern United States, so they are also called as Sea Parrot because of its multi-coloured huge bill, penguin-like colouration so they live mostly in the sea. Their feathers are water-resistant which keep their body warm when they are swimming, instead of these they have also the excellent capacity to dive under the water therefore they can reach 60 m by their diving, they are also excellent fliers therefore considered as most beautiful birds. They can travel 55 kilometres per hour by flapping their wings 400 times per minute, they can breed only in summer as well as spring, they lay only one egg at a time and hatch this egg in 45 days, they can load up to 10 to 30 fishes in their strong beak.

5: Keel-Billed Toucan

Killed Billed Toucan is most amazing as well as beautiful bills in the family of birds, they have long, huge multicoloured beak which can exceed up to 20 cm in length, they also known as rainbow billed Toucan because of their multi-coloured bill so their beak is mainly a mixture of red, white, green and yellow colour. Despite their heavyweight appearance, the beak of this bird is light which is made of only a type of protein known as Keratin so they can also use their coloured beautiful beak to attract females during the seasons of breeding, also used for their defence. They are mostly found in central South America, their size up to 20 cm with a weight of 4 kg. They can move between tree branches, also considered as most social birds, they mostly have small flocks consisting of only 30 birds.

4: Peacock

Peacock is a most beautiful bird, as the peacock is the name of the male from the family of peafowl, so there are three types of peacock or peafowl which exist in this world Indian, green fowl and also Congo peafowl but instead of all Indian Peafowl are most beautiful which are found all over the world. The peacocks are famous for the colourful display of shimmering tail feathers, they can also grow up to a length of 5 feet therefore known as the biggest bird from flying birds because the tail of this bird consists of its 60 % length so due to a colourful display of its beautiful tail considered as a most beautiful bird in the world. So some peacocks have larger tails and more eyespots of their family so female peacocks are chosen, male peacocks of the longest tail, in sunlight colours of peacocks, look different.

3: Flamingo

Flamingo is also the most beautiful as well as recognizable wading birds in the Universe that looks gorgeous in red-purple coloured Plumage, therefore, this makes this bird distinguished and most beautiful in the world, so there are 6 species of this bird flamingo which exist in this world. They are found on every continent except that of Antarctica, one adult flamingo weighs up to 3.5 kg with heights of 4 to 5 feet. Their necks are longs that have idiosyncratic downward bend beak, their legs also so long about 30 to 50 inches, so their special beaks and long legs help them to catch their food including larvae, fishes from a heap of mud, Interesting to know that they live in big colonies in large groups of thousands of Flamingos so they look stunning beautiful waterfowls in pink.

2: Scarlet Macaw

Macaws always look so much beautiful but this multi coloured scarlet macaw is the most beautiful of all which has a combination of yellow, red, blue as well as brown, so these are also large in size therefore considered as bigger than the family of macaw which is mostly found in Central and South America. They have a strong curved shape beak is another stunning feature in scarlet Macaw, so they have size up to 80 to 90 cm with a weight of 1.5 kg, they are also known as excellent fliers which can travel 35 miles in one hour. They also live a long life of 40 to 50 years, also said that this macaw has the capacity to live 75 years of age, despite its all stunning features, also known as the most intelligent bird because they can easily learn words, songs and many other languages but this can be done only by the training of this bird.

1: Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant is also among those birds which are known as the most beautiful in the world, they are also famous for their excellent combination of plumage, so they are a beautiful combination of colours including golden, yellow, red and blue, they have dark red shoulders. Female Golden Pheasant is more beautiful than male birds; they mostly found in Central and Western China, the size of a normal Golden Pheasant normally 42 inches in which males are longer than that of females, the tail of this is about 66 % of its total size. They spend most of their time on the ground because they are known as poor fliers but females are less slow than males, their colours are much darker; they mostly eat seeds, berries as well as insects so both males, females have yellow legs. 

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