Who Is Edwin Arroyave? Edwin Arroyave Bio (2021), Age, Net Worth, Family, Business, Lifestyle

Who Is Edwin Arroyave?

Edwin Arroyave is the founder and CEO of a company called Skyline Security Management. He also directs a reality show. He is also the main producer of a short film called Spoken, issued in 2006.

It is Edwin Arroyave’s Sun Sign of Aries that brought him to the USA. He returned to his native Colombia on April 19, 1977 (44 years old) to fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer. 

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In season eight of Bravo’s reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, he appeared with his wife Teddi Jo Arroyave who will appear with him as a relative. Isabella, Cruz, and Slate are the children of Edwin.

He is 44-year-old. When it comes to Edwin’s work, he seems to have started working at the age of fifteen. At his age, he started working in high school to support his family. He has continued this job as well as many other jobs for many years.

After taking on the responsibility of managing 60 workers, he decided to start his own security business. He partnered with a friend who moved to Puerto Rico and started his own security business in 1999.

His first job was as a telemarketer. He continued there for five years with more dedication and hard work. When he was 15, he won the position of National Coach and Manager of about 60 people.

Despite being famous, she lost her husband, Teddi Jo Mellencamp, in 2011. Their marriage resulted in the birth of two beautiful children Cruz Arroyave and Slate Arroyave.

A 44-year-old Edwin Arroyave has an estimated $ 12 Million with the estimate of Forbes, Wikipedia, IMDB, and other reputable online sources in the year 2021 Colombia.

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It is because he owns a security company that he has the right amount of income. Additionally, he found success with his show on TV, “Real Women of Beverly Hills House.” He has worked with Teddi Jo Mellencamp on his show.