Who Is Claire Stoermer? Claire Stoermer Biography, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Career

Who Is Claire Stoermer?

She is a well-known American actress and singer best known for appearing in films and television such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far Home, and Euphoria. Her other children include television stars such as Zendaya Coleman and the star of the Disney Channel.

In August 2016, she filed for divorce from her estranged husband and Zendaya’s father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, in order to move on with her life. Claire previously worked as a house manager at the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, California.

In August 2016, she filed for divorce from her estranged husband and Zendaya’s father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman.

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A prominent American actress and chef known for her work on Disney’s The Great Indoors and Spider-Man, Claire was born on March 24, 1964.

Her daughter will reportedly star alongside Tom Holland in the 2017 superhero game Spider-Man: Homecoming. Claire hails from the United States.

Since Claire’s only claim to fame is as Zendaya’s mother, there is very little information pertaining to her professional and career life. She taught in Oakland in the past before becoming a mother.

In addition to this, nothing has been revealed about his professional life besides working with the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, California rather than as a housing manager.

With a teaching and House Manager background, she was probably earning a decent living from his work. On top of that, he has an estimated net worth of $ 300,000.

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Her salary is between $ 38,377 and $ 58,650 a year, which is much less than the average annual wage of a teacher. Being a single mom, Claire probably lives quite a luxurious life with her daughter.

Likewise, Zendaya is a successful actress and musician, valued at $ 5 million as of 2019. She lives together with her mother in a $700,000 mansion in Northridge, California. In time, this home’s value will surely increase.

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