Who Is Brandi Harvey? Brandi Harvey Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Relationship, Father

Who Is Brandi Harvey?

Brandi Harvey is an American actress and activist who is Steve Harvey’s eldest daughter and the twin of his sister Karli Harvey. In addition, Steve was born as a twin and is famous for being the most iconic TV personality in the field of comedy.

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Steve Harvey’s half-sister Marjorie Elaine Harvey is equally famous as Steve Harvey’s wife and a very successful model. Brandi Harvey was born on August 20, 1982, in the USA. Today she is 39 years old and has the sun sign, Leo. 

Brandi Harvey was born August 20, 1982, in the USA to a loving mother, Marcia Harvey, and a loving father. From 1980 to 1994, they lived together in marriage.

One of her brothers is Wynton Harvey, a younger brother, and she has two step-sisters, Morgan Harvey and Lori Harvey, and a brother, Jason Harvey. Brandi is white but is of mixed black and white ethnicity. Harvey is one of those people who is very secretive about discussing issues related to his personal life.

Since 2010, Harvey has been working with Atlanta-based Young, Fit and Fly, an organization that works with young women and helps them to find better lives and self-confidence. 

Since December 2012, Brandi has served as executive director for the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, where he appeared as a girl in the winter cover of Premae magazine.

As of 2021, Brandi Harvey is expected to earn between $100,000 and $300,000. He receives this amount of money as the president of Young, Fit and Fly and as the director of the Steve and Majorie Harvey Foundation. 

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It is possible that Steve’s total will increase since his father is worth about $200 million in 2021, which is more than his sister Karli, who is worth about $20 million. David’s total is unknowable as the child is still working as a public official.

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