Who Is Biannca Prince? Biannca Prince Biography, Net Worth, Age, Relationship, Family, Lifestyle

Who Is Biannca Prince?

Bianca Raines is famous for her family’s YouTube channel, ‘D&B Nation’, and which has over 3.72 million subscribers. She also acts as a brand ambassador for brands such as CapBeats, FashionNova, and Ultra.

She grew up in the United States of America, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her parents were Jennifer Raines and Charles Raines. She has five brothers – Christian, Chanelle, Alexis, Jaqueshia, Ryann Jr.

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Biannca Raines, born in 1997, is now 24 years old. She is officially known as Biannca Prince after she married Damien Prince. Biannca Prince was born on 6 March 1997 in the state of United States of America, Indiana.

Raines’ parent’s name is Jennifer, and her father is Charles. Her mother, Jennifer, wed Ryann, the father of Biannca’s initiative.

Biannca’s relationship with Damien Prince has always been a roller coaster. Biannca was still a teenager when she became pregnant with Damien’s child, and after the birth started to have problems in their relationship. 

Raines accused Damien of using her for sexual purposes and left her home angry with her child. Before exchanging vows, the couple faced a rough patch. However, after the birth of their son, they became engaged. Now, they have a very happy family life together with their four children. Raines and Damien  tied the knot in March 2017.

Biannca Raines also has other channels including ‘The Prince Family’ which has 5.6 million subscribers. Prince Family is one of the channels Biannca shares with her husband. 

Their children Nova, DJ, Kyrie appear on pranks, vlogs, challenges and games. There are 5.6M subscribers to this channel.

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The successful Youtuber Biannca Raines is of American nationality and ethnicity. His birth sign is Pisces. It is unclear what his religion is. In total, he has five siblings. And their names are Alexis, Christian, Khanelle, Jaqueshia, and Ryann Jr.

His educational background includes R1 Nelson Snider High School. In addition, Bianca enjoys getting tattoos. In 2015, she got a tattoo on her body. 

Her hands are also adorned with a tattoo of the names of her husband and children. Bianca also suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to her second child.

Despite not having received any awards so far, Biannca’s Youtube channel has gained him fans from around the world. He is as popular as any Hollywood celebrity.

Raines uses various Youtube channels. It is impossible to say which one is the best on his or her channel. 

According to a report by Forbes Media, Biannca boasts a total income range of between one million and five million dollars, with most of his income coming from his Youtube vlogs. Biannca is currently 24 years of age.

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