Top 10 Beautiful Female News Anchors In The World

As technology sources increase, news channels in the world are increasing rapidly because there are many people who work on these channels as presenters, engineers and news anchors. As we go back 50 years in the past history of the world, there were few channels that came out only on Radio and people only listened to the voice of news anchors, listened to songs and anything that was broadcast on the radio.

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But as technology increases, the sources of this news also increase, so there are also news anchors on the channels who are sitting there to discuss the problems and news that are really serious problems for countries, but when it is talking about how they look, then some look as pretty as they are hot.

Because some of these news anchors look amazing and some channels are looking for some kind of more popular news anchors to make the news more and more interesting.

So here is the list of the 10 hottest female news anchors in the world in 2021.

10: Susan Li

Susan is a Hong Kong news anchor and works at the famous Bloomberg TV channel, she is also highly rated because she graduated from the University of Toronto and after graduation, she joined Canadian Broadcasting Corporation but she left soon. she and she joined a famous CCTV television channel that is located in China. She also joined Bloomberg Television there in 2006 and worked as a famous news anchor until now, where she worked on the show as a host named First UP With Susan Li and also won the best news show award on the 17th Asian. Television Award in 2012 as his The Show is the opening morning show where he talked about the country’s top news and was also regarded as a kind of hottest news anchor.

9: Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is also as beautiful as the hottest news anchor as she is now working on an America TV news show where her daytime show is on the Fox TV channel, which started in 2010 as he already had a better career before joining the news channels because he graduated in law in 1995 and served nine years in his career, but he left it and joined the television channels as he was also a success in his field and She started her career as a journalist in 2004. when she moved to Washington DC, but preferred Fox News channels, as she also worked in many news channels, as she is an attractive and beautiful news anchor, so she worked in the casting of news on the Fox news channel and so far he is working on this channel due to his best work in this field.

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8: Robin Meade

Robin Meade is also the most attractive and beautiful news anchor as she is the daughter of the Minister who grew up in London and graduated in London as well and her career as a reporter on the famous Ohio news channel whose name is WMFD-TV but after When she left this channel, she also worked as a reporter and also as a news anchor on another WCMH TV news channel in Ohio, but had a better chance on another WJW TV news channel where she worked as a news anchor on a morning show. She also worked on the most famous news channel CCN in 2001 and was declared as the best news anchor because she has the best news broadcasting skills and she was also nominated as the sexiest news anchor in 2004.

7: Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas is also a famous Fox News anchor and also regarded as the hottest and most beautiful news anchor on this channel, but now she is working on a FOX and Friends First news show, but as a co-anchor that airs to the 5 AM and program. It is a weekend that lasts one hour and also has another host. She graduated from Emerson College and after graduation, she joined the concert news channel in Cambridge, but after gaining experience she joined other VIRGINIA news channels and also declared herself the best news anchor as she served in many news channels as a news anchor and also worked on, Therefore, Fox channels was also nominated as the hottest and sexiest news anchor.

6: Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner is the most experienced news anchor on this list and is still considered the hottest news anchor as she graduated from Brown University and after graduation, she tried her hand in her field as a journalist and still did so very much now. well in his field. also, the editor is the boss too. After that, she moved to another news channel where she works in a show about politics as a presenter on MSNBC and her show name is Now With Alex Wagner and she is also considered the best and most popular anchor of news channels.

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5: Gigi’s Stone

Gigi Stone is attractive, beautiful and the hottest news anchor as she is a native of New York City and also worked on Bloomberg TV in this city where she covers all the news in the business field and also the news. breaking news, but it is the most specialist in entertainment and commercial news. She also served on this channel as a co-host for Bloomberg Enterprise, as Stone has reported live on top business news for Bloomberg Television, including the Bernard Madoff trial, the UBS tax evasion investigation, and the information use case. Galleon Group privilege and prior to joining. she channels she also worked at ABC News as a business and finance news anchor and also worked at World News Now.

4: Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee is the most beautiful news anchor on this list and also considered to be the sexiest and most attractive as she is also well educated as she graduated from Santa Barbara University and also earned a master’s degree from the LA School of Journalism. The University of California. But she lived in San Francisco when she made her field debut of her as her host because she is so pretty and pretty that no one asked her not to join her channel as a news anchor. Since then she worked on the Forbes News channel and there she broadcast business news and also worked on the Fox network and during her stay on this news channel she appeared on many programs and also left this channel at the firing of her sister and worked on another channel. . as a co-anchor.

3: Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin is also the most attractive and beautiful news anchor since she has a double degree, one in Spanish and the other graduated in Journalism from the University of North Carolina, since she is also studying Mexico during her studies. . She is also regarded as the fastest news anchor that Wicker came to this field in such a short time. She is a newsroom anchor for CNN, as before joining CNN she also worked in West Virginia as a presenter. In 2008 he had the great opportunity to join CNN, where he contributed to Rick’s List presented by Rick Sanchez until he took over permanently after Sánchez was fired for allegedly making anti-Semitic comments and is also working on this channel now as of 2 p.m. . at 4 pm.

2: Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall is in the second position of the most popular news anchors as he is also very sexy and is a national news correspondent for NBC today and also works on another channel as a news anchor and presenter of the Newsnation program with Tamron Hall. She deeply desired to be a news anchor, therefore, after completing her title, she quickly joined her field as an anchor when she graduated from Temple University and began her career as a news reporter. first. But she was looking for a better opportunity than the one she got in 2007 when she joined MSNBC for her talent and served this channel as a general reporter and anchor and is now one of the top news anchors for this news with her own show which is Newsnation with Tamron HALL.

1: Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel is also the most beautiful and the highest on this list of the most popular news anchors, having worked on American television as a reporter for KTTV in Los Angeles, but had many opportunities before her current status as a reporter in Los Angeles. Angels, She is very into sports so she started her career as a sports host on Go TV Mobile Television and also hosted the World Poker Tour on Travel Channel and made appearances on E Entertainment and Oxygen Channel and also joined Fox News. . she channel in 2007 and she worked on this channel for almost five years and after that, she also announced that she will now be leaving it and joining KTTV as a reporter.

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