39daph Height:(5ft 5 inch)

39daph Height 2023:(5ft 5 inch)

39Daph (Daphne Wai) is a most popular and talented Canadian Twitch streamer and female YouTuber with more than 1.2 million followers on the Twitch account and 697k on her YouTube channel. 39Daph (Daphne Wai) height in 2023 is 5ft 5 inch 1.65m (165 cm) tall.

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39Daph, also known as Daphne, is a popular Canadian Twitch streamer, YouTube personality, and internet personality. She is best known for streaming various video games, interacting with her audience, and creating content for her YouTube channel. In this article, we will delve into 39Daph’s biography, age, family, relationship, achievements, facts, and net worth.

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Daphne was born on September 18, 1998, in Vancouver, Canada. She is of Chinese and Taiwanese descent and speaks both Mandarin and English fluently. Her passion for gaming started at a young age, and she has been playing video games for as long as she can remember. 39daph attended the University of British Columbia, where she studied Computer Science.


As of 2023, 39Daph is 25 years old.


Daphne has kept her family life private and has not shared any information about her parents or siblings.


Currently, there is no public information about 39Daph’s relationship status.


Despite being relatively new to the world of streaming, 39Daph has already made a name for herself. She has a loyal following of fans who tune in to watch her play various games and interact with her audience. In addition to her successful Twitch channel, she also has a thriving YouTube channel with over 697k subscribers. 39Daph has also collaborated with other popular Twitch streamers, including HasanAbi, Pokimane, and LilyPichu.


  • In addition to gaming, 39Daph is also a talented musician and singer.
  • 39daph is an advocate for mental health and has been open about her struggles with anxiety.
  • 39Daph is known for her infectious personality and quick wit, making her a favorite among her fans.
  • She is also a dog lover and often shares pictures and videos of her furry friends on social media.

Net Worth

While 39Daph has not publicly shared her net worth, it is estimated to be around $1 million. This includes earnings from her Twitch and YouTube channels, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.


In conclusion, 39Daph is a talented and successful Twitch streamer and YouTuber with a bright future ahead of her. Her infectious personality and passion for gaming have earned her a loyal following, and we look forward to seeing what she will accomplish in the years to come.

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